INTERVIEW — Sorry chills out during the summer

In the South of France, after opening the first night of Pointu Festival where IDLES is headlining, we sat down for a fun talk with Asha and Louis from Sorry.

SOB : Your album came out last year, are you already working on something new?

Louis : It’s a work in progress, we’re doing it this summer I think.

Asha : Yes, we’re recording in like four months.

SOB : Do you know the sound of it?

Asha : I think so, yes, but it’s still a work in progress. But we don’t want to say too much because it might change.

SOB : What inspires you at the moment?

Asha : Louis, my best friend.

SOB : And how does Louis sound like?

Asha : Well, he sort of sounds like Louis from ten years ago but it’s also interesting cause he’s kinda like Louis from now. So there’s a lot of progression and I like to take inspiration from that. I like other music too but my biggest inspiration is probably Louis.

Louis : And my biggest inspiration is Asha. That’s why we’re in a band together actually.

SOB : Grian Chatten’s album came out recently and you played with him. He said in a French interview that you were the best lyricist at the moment.

Asha : Thank you Grian

SOB : He said that maybe he wanted to work with you, is there something coming up?

Asha : No, we made a tune together but uh…

Louis : There’s a double LP coming — laughing

Asha : … Maybe he’ll write a song for our album, who knows. He’s probably the best lyricist in the game now too, you can tell him that.

SOB : What are you listening to at the moment?

Louis : Probably TV on the Radio.

Asha : Nah, probably Louis‘ songs on Soundcloud. I’ve been speeding a lot of his songs from 8 years ago. That’s my inspiration, that’s what I’ve been listening to the most at the moment.

SOB : So you don’t have a summer song?
Asha : My summer song is a sped up version from 8 years ago. They aren’t out yet, I kinda do that myself, but you can do it yourself too if you want.

Louis : You do that stuff on TikTok, but we were doing it before TikTok. But Asha hates TikTok.

Asha : I don’t like TikTok, I prefer to do it in the real world.
Louis : This is an announcement from Asha Lorenz : « Fuck TikTok« .

Asha : I love Kesha though. But I think she should have sung She Wolf instead of Shakira, Shakira should have given it to Kesha.

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