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Interview — The Mysterines really don’t want to fuck the Queen

A few hours after Elizabeth II’s death was announced, The Mysterines played their first ever headline show in Europe, in Paris. We sat down with them just before their show.

How do you feel about the queen’s death ?

How do we feel ? We don’t really care. It’s sad when anyone dies, but not when the Queen dies. 

Are you excited about King Charles now ? 

No, I think the Queen should be the last one. 

We don’t really buy into the monarchy. I think it’s there for other countries to admire and to make it look like England’s super strong, but it’s just a load of bullshit, cause we’re really not. Fuck the queen. Not that way, no. Not before, not now ! 

How do you feel about your album’s reception ? 

We’ve got to see some great places from it, it’s cool to play it to people and to meet people. It was well received from what I can remember. We’ve been so busy since then, we’ve almost written seven records now ! 

Your gig is sold out tonight, how do you feel about that ?

Yeah we had no idea, we thought there was gonna be like three people. We wanted to come to Europe before America but I don’t think we had the time and because of Covid, it’s our first headline show in Europe. 

We can hear influences from Royal Blood or PJ Harvey. What are your influences and writing process ? 

We share a lot of things, films, music, art in general. Stuffs that can be of interest for us. 

There are more and more female leads and bands at the moment. Do you think it might have helped you get a record deal right now ?

I’m not really sure about that, I never really thought about it like that. We’re not exactly the Spice Girls. But it’s like a predominant thing in the industry right now, and it’s a good thing. 

Have you started thinking about what you want to do next ? 

We’re just writing some new stuff, practicing it, getting rid of it… It’s a process, we’ll just keep doing that until we have enough songs that we all equally hate, I think.

The same genre as your first record ? 

Very different than the first record I think. 

With touring and playing every night, you kinda start getting sick of what you did and you wanna do something different. Listening different music as well, and becoming influenced by some new things, growing older, meeting different people… A lot of the first record was done during lockdown, there’s a lot of growing up that’s been done, more music has been listened to, more films have been watched, more people have been… met. 

Any artist you’ve discovered recently? 

Ghost Woman, Wunderhorse, Sparkle Horse, King Gizzard, Fletcher C Johnson, Duff Thompson, The Smile… There’s a label called Mashed Potato Records, and there’s a lot of cool stuff on there. 

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