Le groupe gallois Estrons se sépare !

Invité lors de notre dernière SOB Introducing en septembre 2018, le groupe gallois Estrons vient d’annoncer sa séparation de manière brutale.

Que s’est-il passé au sein d’Estrons ? La formation de rock alternatif a annoncé sa séparation, pour le moins inattendue, via la plateforme. C’est d’autant plus surprenant que le groupe gallois devait partir en tournée UK ce printemps.

Si la raison de ce split n’a pas été invoquée dans le post, les membres du quatuor vont visiblement revenir avec des projets différents…



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Estrons is over. This band was never supposed to last this long, but we’re glad it did. Estrons kind of means ‘strangers’ in the Welsh language, we met as strangers, became friends, became less, became more, then less.. now we leave as strangers again. We wrote some great songs together, crashed into towns and cities all over the world for some unforgettable gigs, and met some incredible people in every one of them. Estrons has been our lives for the past 5 years, its been tough but amazing, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.. Creative and personal differences made us what we were, it only makes sense that they now make us what we are – Strangers. We’re sorry to cancel all upcoming tours, all tickets will be refundable. We will all be back soon with new projects that we’re excited about. To every-one of you who ever bought or played our music, came to our shows or supported us in any way, Diolch/Thank-you so much. To anyone reading this, we hope we brought you a fraction of the happiness that your support gave us. Diolch o galon Thank-you Estrons.

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